Love Can Be A Fickle Thing

Never Too Late for a First Love

While many people measure each relationship they have as an adult against the experience of their first love, there are those who believe the writers, poets and emotionally unbalanced are making it all up. They might congratulate themselves on being able to survive their adolescence without the dramatic upheavals experienced by their peers. They see the term true love as nothing more than an exaggeration, and they are quite happy to never have been that sappy or attached to another person for their well-being. They might further believe they will never experience it, but it is never too late for a first love.

Happily Married

It might seem suspect that a person who has never had a first love would be able to be in a long term relationship, but there are those who are happily married with children. They might feel a great deal of affection and respect for their spouse, and they might love their children unconditionally. Just because they have never felt the burning need to be with their partner does not signify a lack of emotion, but it could be true that they are not really in love with their spouse at all. Those who have never experienced love for someone other than their child have no comparison, so they do not know what is missing from their life.

An Unexpected Meeting

Adults who have gone through life feeling in a vague way that they are missing out could be correct, and it might be they never found the right person for them. Even if they are in a steady relationship, the excitement could be dim or missing. Their life might run on an even keel, but there is nothing that rocks their world such as the excitement of celebrating an important anniversary, the fear of losing the love of their life, or the idea that someone else’s feelings could matter at all. For them, an unexpected meeting with a new person could herald a major change in their life.

Mature First Love

It would seem that falling in love for the first time is only an experience for teenagers, but it does happen to people who have been adults for many years. When it happens to them, they experience the same ups and downs as teenagers, and it can have a devastating effect on their self-esteem and their entire life. The sudden emotional turmoil of mature first love can make an older person act anything but mature. They will have to learn how to control their feelings, and it might be much more difficult than it was for their friends who went through it as adolescents.

Experiencing love for the first time can be joyous, but it can also be one of the most difficult times any person can face. For those who have grown up into adults without finding the love of their life, it can have a devastating effect. While teenagers have few responsibilities to attend, a mature person might find they must give up everything they have worked a lifetime for if they want to be with their first true love.