Love Can Be A Fickle Thing

Falling Out of Love For The First Time

When two people make the choice to build a future together, they are not preparing for their relationship to end. They see life as a continuation of their relationship until the day one of them passes on, and many of them believe they will never fall in love with anyone else. The emotional ties they bring to the relationship are what hold them together through all the storms they will face, and many people in this situation think it will never end. There are those who have found out it is a false promise, and falling out of love can occur in any relationship.

The emotional toll

It would almost seem that the person who has fallen out of love with their partner would pay the highest price, but it is generally a gradual process that causes them little pain. They might wake up one day to simply discover their feelings have changed, and they begin to look around to see how they can improve their emotional life. Rather than talking to their partner, they see it as an awakening that will enable them to escape the doldrums of their relationship. The emotional toll will be paid by the partner who is suddenly blindsided with the announcement that the relationship is over.

Finding someone new

When a partner suddenly leaves a relationship because they have fallen out of love, they often go to be with someone new they have been secretly dating. Their lack of emotional connection with the partner they had allows them the freedom to search before ending the relationship, but it can have a devastating effect on the person they left behind. That person will have difficulty finding someone new unless they are very lucky, and it can take years before they are ready to even date again. They must first get over what they see as a betrayal, and they need to learn how to trust once more.

Seeking support

There are plenty of support groups for those who are in this type of situation, but not all of them are helpful. Some of them simply draw out the agony as people recount over and over again what occurred, and it gives them little incentive to move forward in their lives. For those who really want to find a new relationship, they should set a time limit on support groups before they begin dating again. Finding a date is easy enough when there are plenty of people available through dating agencies. These professionals can help get anyone back on their emotional feet with a good date that will help them learn to smile again.

Recovering from the end of any relationship is difficult, but prolonging the agony by refusing to move forward can make it much worse. Recognizing their former partner simply fell out of love can help lessen the emotional toll, and they should also see that their lack of emotional involvement is their own issue. Moving forward by dating again and seeking a new relationship is a healthy part of the recovery process, and it should begin as soon as possible.